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The is an affordable, UNBREAKABLE data encryption software for all versions of Windows.

You can use it to encrypt (and of course, decrypt) plain text or any kind of file, even compressed (zipped) folders of files, such as images, videos, music, text, Office and PDF documents, databases, etc.

If privacy is important to you, visit and check it out. There is no risk, with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Give it a try!

The Quest for Purpose Begins Here…

Empty your mind. I cannot give you a single idea, much less a great, life-changing one if your mind is full of stuff. So close your eyes (once you have finished reading this page) and be quiet. Think of nothing at all. It is hard to do, but quite worthwhile. Just observe your thoughts and imagine them floating away of on a warm breeze that comes from far, far away. Do it now.

Various thoughts will crop into your mind. Notice them and watch them float away on a cloud. You are safe here now, sitting in front of your computer. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to regret or feel guilty about. There is nothing to contemplate, all is well. Floating Clouds

When you are completely relaxed and ready to continue, click here or on the "I. Clearing" sub-menu under the "Guide…" menu item.

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